Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer BBQ

Lizzie hosted a perfect barbecue for the friends that could come! We missed you Carly and Mel and EJ! We had to say goodbye to Gen too. :( Liz's yard looked FAB and her house looks super cute. High five Liz!

Here is Lil Claire Bear with Mommy after enjoying a big fat juicy burger... The girls were dang good at Catch Phrase.

Here is the clan. This picture is a PERFECT example of why I chopped my hair.
This is Lacey and Jeff just practicing...
Cutest boy on earth! He's got the most kissable lips I've ever seen!
Best friends!
Tam was posing in for Buddy.

What a great time! I love my friends so much!

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troy and erin said...

Hey! I'm SO sad I couldn't come to the BBQ! My sister was in town from Virginia and my little brother had to go into the hospital unexpectedly :( He's actually still in, but hopefully he'll be out soon! Anyway, I'd love to see you and meet Claire when you get back!