Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2 month check-up!

I never thought I'd blog about a doctor's appointment. Before I had Claire, I would have never read a person's blog about a silly checkup. So, if you don't have kids, you probably think this is really dumb and boring, so I don't mind if you move on to the next blog you stalk.
Poor little Claire Bear had to get 5 shots today! 5!!! It broke my heart to see her cry like that. Bud would never admit it, but we both got a little emotional holding her little hands and seeing her scream like that. Poor thing.
Anyway, she's growing like a champ! She's 11 1/2 lbs. and 23 1/2 inches tall! She's in the 77% of her weight and 87% of her height! She's tall and tough just like her Daddy! :) Here are a few pics of her necky body. I love her necky little bod! (necky lingo for naked). She's beautiful! P.S. Don't mind our hideous summer sale's sheets.


Snell family said...

Ooh the poor girl. There are so many band-aids! I feel horrible taking Lily to get shots too. Now she just screams while sobbing and clutching to my neck "I don't want it!" Breaks my heart.

Snell family said...

Claire is getting so big!

Holly said...

Oh, I know, I hated shot day. It was the biggest relief when I was told Isaac didn't need any more until he was five. Make sure you read up on the immunizations she's getting. There are debates going on on whether the mercury in certain immunizations can be linked to Austism or other mental problems.
Okay...I totally didn't mean to freak the new mom out. I just read a little bit about it recently and it's been on my mind lately.

The Brandt Family said...

I hear ya on the shots. I am actually paranoid when it comes to shots. We refuse to have our doc give Jake more than 2 at a time. It makes for more trips to dr, but with all the scary links they are trying to make to the shots-I just get a little nervous. Who knows if it helps any of it-but with all the crap that is in those shots being poured into those tiny bodies-it just seems overwhelming. Pretty sure I am just being the over-protective annoying mom though!
And PS-isn't it your b-day today??!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you cute little mom you!:)